This is where I'll post my works in progress, or newly completed projects.
--Once they're at least polished up enough for others to see them anyways.

KotOR Mods Various mods for the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I've made.
Writings I'm doing some creative writing, but it's still in its infancy.
So maybe (if I get enough time to work on it) it'll be here soon, but not just yet.
Contest entry for held a "Design a ghost" contest many years ago. This was my entry

--Mary Jane--

Epitaph: A london prostitute in life, Mary Jane had always tried to show compasion to those around her. Sadly, Jack the Ripper didn't share her philosophy. Since becoming one of his victems, her sanity has become rather questionable... even for a dead woman.

Type: Probably Spectre (even though the fetters aren't quite right. I used these because they make the most sense for her background and such)

Fetter: Murder, Thoroughfare

1: Bitter Cold*
2: Flirt (Intrigue)*
3: Strange Vision*
4: Ice Breath / Dread
5: Soft Kisses (Fascinate) / Mania
6: Spooky Surprise*
7: Lover's Embrace (Obsession) / Seeping Blood
8: Terror Incarnate / Kiss of Death (Scare To Death)
9: Gushing Blood / Psychotic Rage

--Notes: Powers listed with an * show starting powers. Powers separated by a / show choices for training. Powers listed as New Name (Old Power Name) show my bit of originality to fit her profile, but list a power that would work as a default. Not that this would ever make the game, but hey, you never know) ;)