About me...

First off... in case you missed it somehow, I'm kinda into fantasy art and anime...
Yeah... just a bit. ;p

Conceptual art of a persona of mine by John Hancock (AKA: Lerk)

The image above was drawn by the very talented John Hancock (AKA: Lerk) as a rendition of my character in the Fallout universe.   It's kinda hard to explain, but I was a member of a Fallout fan group (that became so much more) called the Unwashed Villagers. We did a lot of fan-fic writing, and even had a small influence on Fallout 2. (Check the manual credits, and look for the special encounter including a few of our members in the game) :)

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Kitty Kitty (Antonia Marie York)
Gender: Duh
Age: Old enough to know better than to worry about it.   ;)
Location: Wisconsin, USA
Occupation: General Contractor
Hobbies: RPG's & Computer games, art, anime, skiing, camping, fishing, boating, and just about anything else outdoors.
Status: Single (Divorced doesn't sound as fun)
Favorite Games: Computer: Asheron's Call (I play Lyana Q'osqmad there on the Leafcull Server), Ghost Master, Fallout and Fallout 2, Shogun: Total War (Always loved Feudal Japan), Tomb Raider series, KotOR 1/2, Mass Effect Trilogy, Arkham Game Series, Hitman Series, GTA (Mostly III and Vice City, but all are pretty fun), Anything Final Fantasy except the MMOs. ... hell, I can't remember most of 'em. I could go on like this forever. :P   ;)

Non-Computer: AD&D, Shadow Run, GURPS, Star Frontiers, Top Secret, Samurai Swords ( Formerly Shogun board game), and Gamma World
Favorite Music: Classic Rock, Metal, 80's, Jazz, Blues, Classical, some Pop.
Of particular fondness are Ozzy, Metallica (older), Disturbed, Godsmack, Madona (older), and The Beatles
Favorite Movies: Matrix, X-Men, Star Wars, Star Trek, Tomb Raider, and anything with Vincent Price in it.
In general, I go for horror (but find few scary), action, and sci-fi.
Favorite Television: Just about any anime, a few other assorted cartoons, Star Trek, Buffy, 24, old stuff on TV-land, and of course, Simpsons, Futurama, and South Park
Bio: I was born in Chicago, IL, and did most of my growing up in a town about 40 minutes from there.  When I was 16, I left home and have lived dozens of places but finally settled in Wisconsin (still no idea why I made that particular choice).   I grew up around computers, owning and learning to program a Comodore 64 (also a Vic-20, but I don't really count that).   In school, I also had some experience on the old Apples (II, IIc, IIe, etc), and was in charge of the computer arts for the school from 7th grade up.   In my adult life, I've continued to self-teach myself computer related activities, maintaining a rudimentary knowledge of programming, and a very good knowledge of hardware.   I guess somewhere along the line I became something of a cynic, so I now prefer the company of computers and most animals over people 90% of the time.   When I'm not online, I'm either out doing consultant work for someone, or I'm spending time with my daughter.

If you want to know something you don't find here, ask me   ;)

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