Alena Fox


The lovely Alena Fox, feeling just a bit frisky as you catch her dancing in her bedroom.
A lucky fur might bump into her somewhere out in Socio Space on SPR...

Artwork by: Mickeyila

Alena is a anthromorphic red fox, just over 4' (1.3m) tall. Her ears, like most of her species are black, poking up from underneath her long flowing red hair. Her eyes are the next thing you see, a brilliant green, they sparkle brightly, intensely as she regards you. Her long slender muzzle ends in a black, triangular nose, with two black stripes on either side of the white fur surrounding it. The soft white continues along the underside of her muzzle, and down her slender neck, feathering the cinnamon red of the rest of her fur that covers the back of her neck, and shoulders.

Over her torso, she's wearing a dark blue shortsleeve shirt, open at the collar, so the downy white of her chestfur peeks thru, she's wearing a black leather belt at her waist, over the shirt, the shirttails serving to further cover her front, between her legs. Underneath the shirt, she's wearing a form fitting yellow jumpsuit, it just covers the middle of her arms, and her midthighs. Behind her, her fluffy red tail swishing slowly, the very tip is white, trimmed with a black fur band, it disapears into the jumpsuit under her shirt.

Her forearms, all the way down over wrists and paws are black, so is her legs, from midcalf, it looks like she's wearing shiny black socks, and gloves. Her feet, and her paws both end in claws, she's painted silver, so they stand out sharply.