Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Mod Description Image(s)
Disguise Armband v1.0b
K1R + KK PC Version
K1R Version
KK PC Version
Base Game Version
This is an armband you can equip on the main PC or any party member that launches a dialog menu when activated. Navigating the menu tree allows you to select any disguise or combination of head/body disguises the game will allow for. The bottom version to the left is for the base game files only, while the ones above add support for my custom female PC (below), the K1 Restoration mod (K1R), or both as noted.

(New game recommended, though NOT required)
KotOR 1 Crystals Reference Reference chart for the effects of all standard lightsaber crystals in KotOR I
New Female Model v1.1
Still misnamed. I really need to learn to do some proper modeling for KotOR.
This is simply an updated version of the lady up above. I discovered upon seeing her again, I was unhappy with some of my choices back when I created her.   Not wishing to simply consign her to oblivion however, I decided instead to put up this tweaked, updated, and TSL Patcher enabled version.

(New game required)
Out of date.
I suggest the version above.

New Female Model v1.0
Slightly misnamed, this isn't actually a "new" model.
What's actually involved is a hex-hacked head model that's been renamed and a couple reskin jobs.

Add to this replacement files for appearance.2da, heads.2da, and portraits.2da (which are NOT compatable with any other mod that changes these without editing them), and you've got a "new" female player when starting a new game. (In other words, it doesn't replace any of the 15 "stock" heads, and you can use it for all 3 starting classes.
(New game required)
Turret Game Removal A simple mod to remove all random fighter attacks in KotOR.
This will have no effect on story based attacks (such as when leaving Taris).
Place file into the KotOR\Override folder to use.
(New game NOT required)
Turret Game Removal v2.0 Watch this space for version 2 of the fighter game remover above.
(New game NOT required)
Force Powers with any Armor A 2da hack to allow all force powers no matter what armor you wear.
If you have problems downloading the file, just right click and select "save target as", naming the file "spells.2da" in the KotOR\Override folder.

Coming Soon: An image showing how you can edit your own spells.2da file to do this yourself in the case that you already have mods installed which change that file, but still want to use this.
(New game NOT required)
Star Forge Robe A reskin done by request which merges the colors of Revan's robes and the Star Forge robes.
Note that this does NOT change the stats of the robe whatsoever.  It's still light side only and has the same stats as it always did.
Just place the file in KotOR\Override to use.
(New game NOT required)
Human Mission A reskin and model hack to give Mission a new head with no tails done by request
Place all files in your KotOR\Override folder to use.
(New game NOT required)
Unlimited Freebies This file removes all limits from the "freebie" items that the various NPCs will make for you on the Ebon Hawk.  Place the file in your KotOR\Override folder to use.
(New game NOT required)